About this tale

“We were a little out of Macao somewhere on the edge of the Pearl River when the dragon began to take hold…”

Dreadnoughts and Dragons is a work of fiction. It’s a steampunk adventure full of daring do, romance, wacky inventions and automatons. It’s set in an alternate reality 19th century, where the British Empire rules supreme through the use of steam-powered robots and strange contraptions. This imagined universe does not stray too far from its historical counterpart, it just assumes a few technological advances took place much earlier. Importantly, the majority of the story will be set in Hong Kong and China, not Great Britain; I’m tried of Steampunk being limited to industrialised countries.

The story is told from the perspective of the main characters. They’re a motley bunch, ranging from an upper class dandy through to a grubby cockney witch-taker. Some tell their stories in old age, some keep diaries of events, and some write letters. From time to time I’ll also include correspondence relevant to the story written or voiced by others.

The story has a sense of humour to it. If you like your fiction ‘hard sci-fi’, this is not for you; occasionally things will be silly. But I promise to keep to an internal logic, and when things are revealed they will make sense in the context of the universe. The images that go accompany the story are all genuine 19th century illustrations, mostly taken from newspapers of the time.

I hope you enjoy the story, and I’ll try to keep it updated regularly. And if you do enjoy it, please let me know; there’s nothing that encourages a writer quite like an adoring fan.

Kit Chapman, author


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